10 Niger State Artistes Whose Real Names You Didn’t Know || No 5,7&10 Will Shock You

It was back then we knew artistes by their real names and not just their stage name alone.

With the evolution of social media, it’s been hard to keep up with the tradition of knowing artists’ birth names together with their stage names.

We’ll make it easier for you though. Here are ten artistes whose both names you didn’t know:

1. Khingsolex – Suleiman Suleiman Hussaini

With replete hits to his name, I bet you didn’t know Khingsolex bears Hussani. The popular phrase we’ve been accustomed to is “Okanlawo”. Well, now you know.

2. Ojcent – Ojo Festus Alabi

Ojo Festus Alabi sounds like that name a footballer would bear. Now we know what the OJ in “Ojcent” stand for.Ojo.

3. Badwiz – Mohammed Sani

The name Mohammed is a popular muslim name though. And you’ll wonder why Badwiz chose the name Badwiz, he could have gone for Mohkid (lol).

4. Moderate – Hassan Mahmud Abdulmalik

Muslim boy that look like a christian brother. But is there a connection between Moderate and Mahmud? Maybe the letter M

5. Vennom –  Hussaini Zakari

One source was telling me Vennom  is a Christian name (Lolx). Next time you see him, say Hussaini Zakari

6. Salexy – Saleh  Micheal  

Salexy parents think naming their son Micheal he going to reflect to him  like (Angel Micheal) not knowing he going to be a Afro pop artist that sing for Yetunde, beg Yetunde for love second chances (Broken) and fooling Yetunde that she his my girlie oh.

7. Yosaintee – Emmamuel Gabriel 

What a sweet name. Emmanuel. He should be bearing Pastor Emmanuel or Pastor Gabriel, How come you’re now Yosaintee?

8. Sukzy Dab – Suleiman Abubakar 

Wait. Same guy that sang Tunga Ne? Yeah Sukzy Dab, Sukzy Dab suppose to be bearing Mallam Abubakar, why Sukxy Dab?

9. Lizanel – Lizzy Nwafor 

I bet Lizanel parents thought she will be a useful instrument in the house of God (Choir, Band). But Sister Lizzy Nwafor had other plans.

10. Modeeva – Joy Stephen Fejiro 

What a sweet name Joy. How come you’re now Modeeva?.

Which Artist Did You Think We Excluded?

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