2 Years Without Any Award – What Is Wrong With Olamide?

Awards are a testimony that an Artiste is growing, documenting his progress, crowning achievements and overall, advancing the artiste’s career.

Yet, can an artiste still be regarded as a superstar, a top artiste without any award in the last 24 months 😲😲
That’s exactly the case of Olamide right now. He’s at the peak of a flourishing career, one releasing several pop hit songs, lending hands to bring upcoming artistes and in the last two years, he has been fully involved in the industry as a whole either musically or controversially.
In fact, some days back, Olamide trended on Twitter after Nigerians started comparing him with Rema based on the track record of 2019 😲 Click Here To Read
Today, let’s get down to the topic of discussion.

Is Olamide Getting Tired?

Looking at unfolding events, Olamide‘s career seems to be stagnant or let’s say declining. However, It’s not visible since he’s still dropping singles back to back. But digging into this closely, the last one year in the industry, we’ve witnessed an OG, the Street god go on a run of no hits.
It’s a very clear difference to the prime Olamide of 2014, 2015 who was on a streak of dropping hit song back to back. What we all will call “In Form
That period we saw Olamide bagging artiste of the year awards, song of the year awards, several concert invites, limitless hits, the streets was in trouble.

But 2 years without one award?

This year’s Headies stylishly confirmed to us that Olamide has lost that golden touch he had over the industry years ago. He has misplaced that spark. It’s missing obviously.
The last significant hit was Science Student and this year, it looks like the YBNL honcho is busy experimenting. WoskeSpirit and Oil & Gas, might be good records but they faded off the scene too quickly.

What about “Pawon”?

Asides from the ass-shaking clips on Instagram, the song lacked in-depth quality content.
Many who watched those clips didn’t go to download or stream the song, and it reflected in the numbers on YouTube.
Despite the buzz on Instagram, the song just has 1.4milion views on YouTube.

What’s really happening to Olamide?

If you’re like me who enjoyed the Olamide of 2014/2015, one who gave us DurosokeBoboWo, you’ll know for sure Olamide is in a sharp decline.
So Guys, back to the question 👇

2 Years Without Any Award – No Problem Or We Should Be Afraid?

What Do You Think Is Wrong With Olamide?

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