4 Things We Notice As Lagos Ease Lockdown Today (No. 4 Is Very Scary)

Today, ease of Lockdown has started in Lagos as directed by President Muhammad Buhari.

From what happened today and the number of cases recorded in Lagos so far, the government needs to monitor the way things are going to be sure this ease of lockdown is the right decision.

In a highly populated state like Lagos, social distancing to prevent COVID-19 seems not to be working out.

Here Are 4 Things We Notice As Lagos Ease Lockdown Today:-

1. Banks Are Over-Crowded

This lockdown period has really brought about huge crowd of people at almost every bank branch in Lagos.

The crowd is so much in some banks that the security operatives of the banks lost control of enforcing all the social distancing rules in place.

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Today, banks are like market place and attempt to find out what many people are coming to do in banks revealed that the crowd in banks are filled with people who have come to complain about different service failures that happened during lockdown.

2. Commercial Buses Not Following Social Distancing Rules

Danfo drivers and conductors seem to be less concerned about social distancing rules today.

Almost all Danfo buses operate at 100% full loading capacity instead of the 60% loading directed by their chairman, MC Oluomo.

The state government needs to be careful so that COVID-19 will not be moving from one place to another in Lagos using danfo.

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3. Majority Complied To The Rule Of Face Mask Use

Trust Lagosians to always show off their creativity when it comes to dressing.

So many different Face Masks emerged on the street of Lagos today ranging from the customized face masks to the ones made with ankara fabrics.

If there is one right thing many people did right in Lagos, it’s the use of Face masks.

4. Zero Social Distancing At Bus Stops

This was expected to happen at most bus-stops in Lagos today and it did happen.

Major bus-stops on Lagos mainland were filled up with people standing very close to each other looking for buses to convey them to their various destinations.

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With what happened today, we can only pray that COVID-19 should not circulate out of control in Lagos

The End!!

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Do You Think This Social Distancing Rule Will Work In Lagos?

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