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Joseph Hogan popularly known as Jeesyboy is a famous raising talent
held in cross river state, he was born in the the family of Mr and Mrs
Hogan a member of mouth Zion light house full gospel church of God,
Jeesyboy began his music career at the age of five (5) where he
involved in a church choir.

According to his parental bringing jessy dad wanted a bright future
for his son to become a medical doctor non a politician as jeesy
always said when he was a kid like which every parent too will wished
for thei child, as time goes on, on 29 June 2012 after a presentation
at the house of David church competition a record label known as
bright stars came out to sign him due to his wonderful performance in
the competition, the parent where so happy but the never still wanted
him to become a full time artists because his father’s ambitions was
of high expectations.
in 2013 jeesy had a recording deal at decoole studio and gi production
where he recorded his first music in the studio titled LET ME LOVE YOU
. Begin the talent which God has endowed him with. The song moved
perfectly OK around the state of cross river and akwa ibom, he then
record a new single titled NOT A KID and so many track.
Due to his parents not allowing him to sing cellular music he was
distracted and mismanaged by his management with inadequate funds he
stopped singing and began thinking about his parents advice. But
writing of lyrics never stop.
In 23 October 2014 the came a record deal called kess music
entertainment he moved into the deal without letting his parents knows
about this.
During the cross river state carnival night show jeesy was nominated
as one of the best performing artist. He went ahead to tell his
parents and the was no way of them not supporting him. Jeesy was the
best runner up in that event he has won 3 awards with kessmusic
including Mr and Mrs cultural heritage music awards. Where he got his
first car bought by his mum to him and a deal worth half a million

More of jeesy will be out soon

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