Before You Date or Marry A Rivers Girl, READ THIS! Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Rivers State Woman. (See Reasons)

Rivers Girl

Why you shouldn’t date or marry a Rivers State girl/woman is very simple. They cheat alot and doesn’t last in marriage. (NOT ALL)

A Rivers girl most especially from the Ikwerre tribe and Bonny nodey last for man house due to below reason.

In Rivers, women have almost equal rights with the men. Both in land, house and other inheritances.(NOT ALL PART)but 95% Rivers practice this. What this means is, once she gets tired of the marriage, she’s going back to her father’s house. Whether you offended her or not.

Rivers women, especially the Port-Harcourt based are so authoritative and rude. Tacha and Tonto Dikeh are perfect example.

The uneducated and uncivilized ones from the Riverine areas drinks and fight a lot with their husbands openly and shamelessly. They borrowed the drinking habit from Bayelsa women. Those ones can drink ogogoro, kai kai and shekpe for Africa.

Most of dem don born one or two pikin for house. They wont tell you.🤐

A Rivers girl does not believe in “For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in good health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part”. They don’t have such patience. Once the marriage don tire dem, na divorce straight!

The next move is going back to their parents house and start from where they stopped before marrying you.

They believed in “Bros die ur die alone, poor ur poor alone, sick ur sickness alone..are you with the money? Come let’s flex”. Similar lifestyles with Anambra women.

The bottom line is that, if you’re married to a Rivers State girl, be ready for divorce at any fucking time. But if you luckily meet a Rivers girl that truely love you wholeheartedly, that doesn’t possess any of the RATS BEHAVIORS listed on this publication, you will enjoy the marriage for the rest your life!

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