Before You Date or Marry An Anambra Girl, READ THIS! Why You Shouldn’t Marry An Anambra State Woman. (See Reasons)

Anambra State girl

Why you shouldn’t date or marry an Anambra State girl/woman is very simple. They cheat alot and doesn’t last in marriage, especially when they marry an outsider.. someone who’s not from Anambra state. (NOT ALL)

A typical Anambra girl will always cheat on you with her home town ex boyfriend or lover before she married you. They hardly break-up and move on with their home town ex-boyfriend. Once they come across each other and speak that their La & Fa language, boom! Amu abago.(preek don enter)🙆

This mostly happened when they marry an outsider. Someone who is not from Anambra state. If she tells you “Honey I’m going to the village to see my parents” bro ndo, alago nwunye gi.(Sorry dem don fvck ur wife)🚶

A typical Anambra girl is always weird in reasoning and in a stupid manner. Igbo people call it “Nkama anya eberibe”. In Asari Dokubo voice ” You think say u wise, u be mumu man”.😏

Anambra women both home and abroad, including those that studied in Cambridge and have traveled to all countries of the world, doesn’t last in marriage. Especially when they marry an outsider who is not an Anambra man.

Their mother (your mother-in-law) is always in charge. The girl’s mother will determine if the marriage will work or not.

They feel more comfortable within Anambra than every other state.

They always wanna be in charge of everything in the family. They’re so authoritative and their sense of entitlement is annoying. Some Rivers State women, especially the Ikwerre and Ibeku part of Umuahia Abia state, has same characters even more.🚶

But if you fortunately marry an Anambra Girl that doesn’t possess all the bad Rat behaviors, my brother you have made it in life. You will grow faster and successfully in life.

So when looking for a wife in Anambra, watch well. Don’t let their height and body shape deceive you.

They’re industrious and resourceful. An Anambra woman cannot seat at home lazying upandan like the way other state women do. Even if she’s married to Bill Gates, she must find something doing.

I drop pen here for another day.🚶


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