Benefits Of Wearing Beads On Your Waist As A Lady [Read]


Beads are worn on the waist even around the ankle to make beautification.

Women who know the importance of beads do not joke with it at all when it comes to its adornment.

Those women who don’t know the importance of wearing beads should please ask questions.

Men who don’t know why other women wear beads, should ask their fellow men what and how they feel seeing their wives wearing beads on their waists.

Benefits of wearing waist beads:-

1. Helps In Knowing Your Weight

Waist beads enable you to know your weight ratio, either you are losing or gaining weight.

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2. Attraction

Another vital reason is the fact that when you wear beads around your waist, you will always become a point of attraction to your husband.

Waist beads give you that sex appeal. You come to understand this when you’re in the other room with your wife.

This can also be observed when your wife is half-naked within your gauze.


3. Spiritual protection

Some women believe that once they wear beads, there is no form of spiritual attack in their lives.

If wearing beads on the waist can protect my wife from spiritual attacks, then it’s worth wearing.

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4. Royalty

Some beads represent royalty because of cost and scarcity. Most women wear this even if they are not royalty, just to make them stand out in the face of their society.

There are other important needs for beads in traditional certain.

Most African countries attached meanings to wearing waist beads.

For example, in Ghana, the Ashanti tribes wear beads on the waist and are shown only to the person they are planning to get married to. The spirit behind the usage normally varies.

Some other tribes wear waist beads for preventing illegal and unwanted pregnancy, especially in some Northern parts of Nigeria.

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Waist beads can perform amazing functions unknown to you.

Please make more research and find out more.

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