Check Out The 6 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

First Date

When on a date, every woman should ensure that they avoid the following six things if they want to continue with the relationship.

Dates are a great way intending couples gets to meet, know each other a little more, interact and understand individual differences and intentions etc.

Depending on the stage and progress of a relationship, a date could be romantic, less formal or simply a sit and talk outing.

Dates are usually more formal the first time because couples are yet to know each other well enough, therefore they avoid being to nosy and deep.

As a lady going on a first date, below are six things you should avoid doing to avoid ruining the experience:

1. Going Too Deep

If you reveal your entire life story from childhood until now, you will bore your date to death.

Your date would think that if you are ready to share everything upfront, you do that with everyone you meet. Avoid telling it all and being too inquisitive.

Don’t be a detective, remember you are there to have fun while getting to know the much you can about them.

Do not heap all your family problems and history on the date, they may begin to see you as a job instead of a possible partner. Keep it simple and general.

2. Avoid Talking About Your Exes

By all means, avoid talking about your previous relationships and dates. You are there to get to know each other and enjoy the company of each other not a body count revelation.

If they ask, you can tell them but keep it shallow and short. Do not compare the date with other ones you have had in the past and avoid statements that will suggest so.

Taking about your ex(es) will only make him think you are yet to get over your ex and that could make him avoid you the next time.

3. Don’t Discuss Sex

Except the topic comes up naturally in the course of your conversations, avoid discussing about sex and your sex life.

It’s a first date and you don’t want to appear promiscuous, Hot and desperate.

Even if the topic does come up, that is not the time to begin to reveal you bed skills and wild sexual escapades, touch the surface and leave the topic, that way you leave a lot to the imagination.

4. Never Invite Your Friends

This should go without saying, do not for any reason bring guest on your first date, this is one to one and heart to heart time.

Apart from the gesture being unacceptable and unethical, your date may feel shy and uncomfortable talking and baring his heart in presence of your friends.

If you are not sure of your safety and feel the need to bring someone along, pick a friend, choose a public place and let your friend mix with the crowd while keeping an eye on you.

5. Don’t Brag About Your Career

When a woman brags alot about her achievement, the man might feel like the woman is refighting the gender wars.

Avoid making it a feminist competition event, you came to see if you could bond with a possible partner, not to throw your accomplishments in his face.

He could feel a deep sense of competition or feminine pride and take off. Talk about yourself, your interests and perspectives to life and leave all other things for next time.

6. Don’t Talk About Marriage

Do not begin to bore your date with your plans to get married within the next few years.

You will appear very desperate and end up chasing him away. You have barely gotten to know him and you are already hinting on marriage, that is a big turn off for guys.

It also gives the notion that you are not genuinely interested in him, all you just want is someone to marry you.

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