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Corona Virus_The Positive Side

Its no longer news that the pandemic, COVID 19 has abruptly put a pause to almost all human day-to-day activities and has gotten everyone exclaiming and lamenting over it’s negativity and disadvantages. Without mixing words, the 2019_nCOV epidemic has become a public crises. However, an insight look will make it apparent that the pandemic, COVID 19, has also in little ways added positive improvement to our lives. Basically our political, social and economical sectors.

Politically, It has sparked debates, pitching globalism versus nativism and populist governments versus experts, instilling in our leaders some sense of responsibilities and having them become inward looking which has further led to establishment of pandemic planning/Preparedness Team consisting of executive level members. The pandemic has also help expose some fraught health care systems which our  governmental leaders has played blind too. Utterly making them pay attention to what really matter, their citizens.

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Social wise, the arrival of the pandemic, COVID 19 had added immensely to the knowledge acquisition of the citizens of the country with over 3 billion regular social media users prior to the pandemic and significant increases in daily screen time since it began. Social media is a fertile ground for targeting people with reliable information on covid-19. Organisation like NCDC, WHO, medical journals and health care organizations have been updating Web sites and providing guidance across numerous platform to keep the populace updated.

There have been partnerships with social media teams: Facebook now has a COVID-19 information center tab, Google Scholar is featuring articles about COVID-19, and Twitter is providing reliable sources for people who make coronavirus related searches.

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This has also brought great fortune upon our telecommunication companies as people now subscribe and surf the internet ever than before using data.

Corona Virus_The Positive Side

Economically, it tends to look as if the pandemic has done more harm than good in this particular sector but it is pertinent to note that the pandemic has opened market for creative minds to explore.

Through the pandemic many has  done are still doing quite alot that is putting money in their account such as public speaking about the pandemic, news reading sites, singing and acting about it and even more solid to mass sales of nose covers and hand sanitizers. Through that many some has discovered a passion and probably what to live on even after the pandemic.

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In addition, the COVID 19 lockdown era has helped many look inward into themselves. Hence many are coming out and bouncing strong when the whole epidemic passes away.

In conclusion, it is important to know that life throws different sides of itself at us at different times. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but how we handle this sides is what eventually define us. Thus, regardless of the circumstance of things, find positivity, Be safe and Bounce Out Stronger Than Ever.


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