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16th April, 2020 
TOPIC: God’s Great Mercy.
BIBLE READING: – Psalms 1-5
TEXT OF THE DAY: “But I, by Your great mercy, will come into Your house; in reverence will I bow down toward Your holy temple Psalms 5:7

God’s great mercy is reserved for those who delight in the Law of the Lord and refuse to walk in the way of the wicked. There are two moral paths, each with its own destination (Ps. 1). Resistance to the Messiah, God’s Son, is futile, for He is destined to rule earth (Ps. 2). David found peace when fleeing from his rebel son Absalom by remembering God (Ps. 3–4). David was confident that his merciful God would bless him even though he had to wait for his prayers to be answered (Ps. 5).

Understanding the Text

Psalm 1: “Two Moral Paths.” There are only two moral paths a human being can take. This psalm graphically describes each.

“Walk . . . stand . . . sit” Ps. 1:1. Conformity to worldly morality has three stages. Walking “in the counsel of the wicked” is listening to their views. Standing “in the way of sinners” is acting as the wicked do. Sitting “in the seat of mockers” is adopting their hardened, immoral attitudes. The progression from walking, to standing, to sitting, reminds us that it is dangerous to take even that first step away from godly moral thought.

“He meditates” Ps. 1:2. Note again the importance of our thought life. If we fill our minds with and delight in God’s Law, we prosper morally and spiritually. Today we say of computers, “garbage in, garbage out.” Long ago God said this of the human mind.If you and I want to prosper spiritually we must guard our thoughts and our minds, and reject the “counsel of the wicked.”

“The way of the wicked will perish” Ps. 1:6. In this life the ways of the wicked and godly exist side by side, competing for our allegiance. In the end, the two ways part forever. We must choose one of the two, and help our children choose, for there is no third way.

 “You are” Ps. 3:3–4. What David did was to focus his thoughts on God, and to remember who God is. David had known God as a shield “protector”, as his glory “greatest value”, as one who lifted up his head “source of strength”.Remembering who God had proven Himself to be in his life, David prayed to God with confidence.

When we consider who God is, and all He has done for us, we too find the freedom to come to God in prayer. When we cry out to God, we lift the burden from our back and place it on His. If we find our joy in the Lord, that joy will be with us always.

Personal Application When waiting is most difficult, meditate on God’s character, and be reassured.

Prayer: Mighty God! When the situation seams difficult, let your great mercy speaks for me in Jesus Name.

Pastor D.A. Taiwo


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