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25th April, 2020

TOPIC: Yet another vital ingredient.

BIBLE READING: – Hebrews 12:12-14

Today we shall be considering yet another vital ingredient. Our dish is incomplete without all the essential, there are some things which may be substituted in a cooking, like vegetable oil for palm oil, but there are also others which cannot be. One of them again is Holiness.

If the Bible says without it (Holiness) no one shall see God, and if our ultimate aim is to dwell in His {God’s} presence forever then, Holiness becomes a must. It must be all encompassing too. In our hearts, words, actions, and everything, otherwise the opposite is what we have which is profanity.

If the Bible says “Pursue” then it means that we must actively strive to attain. If it is God we are serving in spirit and in truth and since this God is Holy God, then those who serve Him must do so in holiness. Get this clear we cannot be too holy, so pursue it with vigour.

Read Leviticus 11:44-45, there are no ambiguities about the statements we just read now. No one is left in doubt as to what the Lord expects of us who claim to be His. “You shall be Holy for I am Holy. If you are not then you are not for me”. God actually calls our bodies His temples, and since God will not dwell in unholy temples our lives must be Holy for the spirit of God to be comfortable in it.

Are you having any struggles with Holiness now? You can ask God for mercy. He will forgive and cleanse you and you will make up your mind not to defile God’s temple again. Your holiness must be in the totality of your lives, in what you eat, what you wear, what you say, things you do, where you go, and the friends you keep etc.  Brother and sister you will agree with me that today’s ingredient cannot be substituted in our daily walking with God. As you are going out today make up your mind that whatever is going to take you, you will be Holy.

Prayer: Father, in all I am going to do today help me to be Holy in Jesus name.

Pastor & Mrs D.A Taiwo


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