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21st April, 2020

TOPIC: fit for the master’s use? 
BIBLE READING: – 2 Timothy 2:15-21


Peter, James and John were the privileged ones that the Lord took up to the mountain top even though he had the twelve disciple with Him at the base of the mountain {Mk. 9:2}. 
Have you ever considered why this was so? Do you know that it was the same three that Jesus took along to pray and were instructed to tarry and watch with Him shortly before His arrest?  Have you ever considered what qualified them for a better placement in Christ’s ministry?


If the Lord will choose a lieutenant from among your congregation today, are you sure that your present spiritual status will make Him choose you? Judas Iscariot was the treasurer of the disciple yet was not among the three taken along for the special assignments.


Brothers and sisters, do you know that occupying a position as a pastor, an elder, a deaconess, or fellowship leader {as the case maybe} in you assembly does not make you a vessel for noble purpose? You must be a faithful believer who has separated himself from evil, holding firmly to God’s truth.


If you desire to be useful to the master, then you must present yourself to God as approved (v15) keeping away from all wickedness (v19). The question to you my reader this morning is, in the Lord’s house are many vessels “which one are you”   ARE YOU SERVING CHRIST OR IS IT EYE SERVICE?


Prayer: Lord Jesus for the rest of my life, I desire to be useful for you, help me not to fail you. 
Pastor & Mrs D.A. Taiwo

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