Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

11th May, 2020
Topic: Breakthroughs and service
Bible Reading: - Luke 1: 5-17

Many believers are looking for breakthroughs in one area of life or the other. Some in their marriages, some in their businesses, and some in their academics, while some in their careers. The truth is that breakthroughs are always a blessing.

But I want to say to us this morning that a sure way to receiving our breakthroughs from God is through faithful service to God and fellow human beings. I once heard a preacher say that “Service is a lifetime rent that human beings need to pay to God for occupying the earth” I quite agree with this saying.

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The word of God tells us in Exodus 23:25a that “so you shall serve the Lord your God and He will bless your bread and your water” when we serve God faithfully, our breakthrough will surely manifest. From our text this morning Zacharias was busy, faithfully serving God in spite of the need that he had in his life.

And while he was busy doing this, an angel came with a message that his breakthrough had arrived. I don’t know in what area you are expecting a breakthrough, but I want to encourage you to keep serving God because on your Alter of service lies your breakthrough.

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The story of Joseph in Genesis 40:1-15 told us that, Joseph found himself in prison for an offense which he did not commit. Instead of being dejected he was using his gift to benefit people around him. No man is an island, we need one another. As children of the Most High God whose nature is love, we must try to get involved in the lives of people around us and use our talents, resources, time and other things that God has deposited in us to benefit them.

We can never know when these people will be in a position to help us. Joseph got his breakthrough by interpreting Pharaoh’s dream but there is no way he would have been able to do that if he had not first of all interpreted the Chief Butler’s dream. I encourage this morning, engage yourself into the service of God from today, any your breakthrough will be released unto you.

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Prayer: Oh Lord Jesus, give the grace to serve you all the days of my life

Pastor David A. Taiwo


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