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13th May, 2020
Topic: The potter and the clay
Bible Reading: - Jeremiah 18:1-10

Brothers and Sisters I say good morning to you all. By the grace of God, this morning, we are going on a visit to the potter’s house just as Jeremiah was commanded by God to visit the potter’s house. At the potter’s house Jeremiah learnt that the potter sometimes rejected some of the pots, perhaps because of poor quality.

God’s people, God is Sovereign. Wherever the potter makes out of the clay depends on the quality of the clay. What God will make of us depends on our responses to him. The clay can frustrate the potter’s intention and make him alter the vessel. As quality of the clay limits what the potter can do with it, so the quality of a people limits what God will do with them.

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The potter’s house is a place of reconstruction. The potter has the right to decide which form to make us into. From II Timothy 2:16-21, we see that the potter makes us into the type of vessel he makes us because of our own state. A good clay will produce a good vessel, while a bad clay will also produce a bad vessel.

My dear readers, it is our responsibility to purge ourselves, so that we can be molded into vessels of honour.  As we are about going out this morning, let us resolve to be clay with good quality.

Prayer: Oh God I made up my mind to be a clay with good quality, help me not to defile myself, in Jesus name.

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Pastor David A. Taiwo

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