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15th May, 2020
Topic: Divine location
Bible Reading: - genesis 26:1-6; 12-14

God is a specific God in many respects. Many times, we tend to undermine the importance of where we are, believe that since the whole earth and its fullness belong to God, we can stay anywhere, or do anything wherever we choose.

In our text today, God instructed Isaac to remain in the land of famine! In the concluding part of the story, we see how Isaac prospered in his Divine location despite the woe all around! Folks, our blessings are not tied to the fortunes of a country. They are tied to where God has in mind for us.

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When God says He knows the thought He has towards us, it includes our location. Getting out of our Divine location is getting out of God’s thoughts. My dear reader, are you in the right place?

Reading through the book of Ruth 1:1-5, we see a grievous consequence for a man and his family when he stepped out of his Divine location! Although we do not know specifically whether there was any communication between God and Elimelech at the time of his relocation, we know that he left Israel because there was a famine.

For every tough situation facing us (even the COVID’19), god expects us to ask Him what we should do. The solution to the problem is attached to a place. Ask God for His direction today as you are about going out this morning. Being in God place at the right time brings God’s unhindered blessing.

READ MORE  Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Prayer: Help me Lord to be in my right place at the right time, today and forever in Jesus name.

Pastor David A. Taiwo
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