Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo




22nd May, 2020

Topic: Seek counsel

BIBLE READING: – Esther2:12-17

To seek counsel is to ask for the opinion of another person over an issue. No doubt, everybody has a right to do what he or she thinks best, but there are times when what you think best may not be the best thing. In our text this morning, there was a selection process going on for somebody who will replace Queen Vashti who lost her place.

In verse 13, we are told that they were given whatever they desired to take with them, but when it came to Esther’s turn, she took only the things that Hegai advised her. In other words she sought the opinion of Hegai over what she was to wear and how she was to conduct herself. Hegai had been working with the king long enough to know what will likely please him.

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Simply because Esther asked, she was told and the king was pleased with her among the whole lot. If others had sought counsel who knows, probably one of them would have been chosen before Esther. Accept that you do not know it all and seek counsel today.

Just a single line of scriptures but very deep and profound. {Proverbs 11:14} If you choose to do it all alone without somebody else’s opinion you will be out of balance and you will see things from your own perspective only. The result is you are bound to fall or fail. But in the multitude of counsel there is safety simply because you are in a position to have balance of opinions and see things from a different angle. God put others in your life so that they can balance you. Seek their opinion on issues.

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Question for the day: whose counsel did you seek?

Pastor David A. Taiwo
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