Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo




23rdMay, 2020

Topic: Heed right counsel 

BIBLE READING: - 1 kings 12: 1 - 16

Yesterday, we consider the need to seek counsel. Today, we need to establish the fact that it is possible to seek counsel and still choose to ignore it. That was the undoing of the young prince in our story this morning. His problem was not that he refused to seek counsel but he chose to ignore the right counsel and heeded the wrong one.

When we want to make a decision as a Christian, God should be the one to guide us by His Holy Spirit. Right counsel can be obtained from the Spirit of the Lord directly or other Spirit filled believers who are more mature and have gained experience in the particular area of our own present need.

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If only Rehoboam had thought that these were the people who stayed with his father, who saw firsthand how he handled issues, there would have been no need for him to heed the counsel of the young men. Of course, we know that it was the hand of God that was against him, but if we choose to ignore right counsel we may be setting ourselves up for defeat. So not only do you need to seek it but heed counsels that are from God.

One of the major reasons why David did not lose any battle was that he always sought the counsel of God before any major attack. But unfortunately in this singular event he chose to discountenance the godly counsel of Joab. If only he had heeded that simple advice, he would have saved himself and the whole of Israel a lot of agony. Again, today, the people around you are there for a purpose, do not ignore them and go it all alone. Heed Godly counsel from their mouth.

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Prayer: Lord Jesus helps me to surround myself with Godly counsel and to follow their God given counsel, in Jesus name.


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