Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo




29th May, 2020

Topic: To have prosperity

BIBLE READING: – 2 chronicles 31:15-21

Many things in God’s word happen as a result of our fulfilling certain conditions in the word. for instance, believing in the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross and confessing His lordship over our lives brought us salvation and many more. To have prosperity, which means a state of all round satisfaction, we must fulfill certain conditions of God’s word.

King Hezekiah prospered very greatly – 2 Chro. 32: 27-28- but before this was recorded about him he fulfilled some conditions. The last verse of our text tells us that- in every work that Hezekiah did for the Lord in seeking Him, he did it with all his heart and so he prospered. If we will serve God whole-heartedly according to His work, we will always prosper. No more, no less.

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God operates by principles. Obeying His principles triggers His power. Many have realized that and have been enjoying God and all His provisions for them. We should determine within ourselves always to obey the Lord and follow His principles if we want to prosper.

Thank God for the widow of 2 Kings 4: 2-7; she activated the principles of God and her need was met. Dear reader will you be wise today and apply the God’s principles of prosperity and you will become prosperous.

As you go out this morning meditate on: 2 Chronicles 26:5. And it shall be well with you, even with the lockdown.

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