Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo




30th May, 2020

Topic: An attribute of God

BIBLE READING: – 2 chronicles 2: 24-31

God has many attributes, and all these attributes are recorded in the Scriptures. They include His love, mercy, compassion, power, righteousness etc. Today, however, we are seeing another attribute of God. It is His nature of testing our hearts in order to determine whether we will please Him under certain circumstances.

Hezekiah had known victories, deliverances, fame and wealth, but one day God withdrew from him just a moment in order to locate him. What a pity! He failed the test. Friends, God will come testing from time to time. Will you pass? Will I pass when my test comes?

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Verse 2 of Deut. 8 tells us that God led Israel deliberately through the wilderness to humble and test His people in order to know what was in their hearts and to see whether His people will obey Him or not. Can you imagine that! And God did it for forty years! As God’s children we must make up our minds to please Him, whether the conditions are favourable or not.

Thought: the test of obedience is like a school examination: pass it and be promoted.

Prayer: Help me Lord, never to fail you in Jesus name.

Pastor David A. Taiwo

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