Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo



04th June, 2020

Topic: Paying Evil With Evil

BIBLE READING: – Matthew 1:18-23

Good morning, the good Lord has kept us alive to see this beautiful day. We may not be where we want to be but we sure are far from where we started. That is enough reason to praise God today.

Appreciating God’s mercy and goodness in our lives make it easy for us to forgive others with the same love with which Christ has forgiven us. Joseph must have been very disappointed at the news of Mary’s pregnancy.

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A report of this to the public would have earned Mary death by stoning according to the Jewish laws of the Old Testament but Joseph would not be a part of evil because he was a just and up right man{verse 19}.

As we meet with other believers this morning, let go of all bitterness. Let us never repay evil with evil even when we feel cheated. Let us learn from Joseph. It took a heart full of the love of God for him to even listen and know that the Pregnancy was of the Holy Spirit.

Good will always overcome evil if we allow ourselves to yield to God’s indwelling spirit. The path of revenge is cheap and evil. Show yourself a Christian. Allow yourself to be defrauded. Overcome that evil done to you with good. Being at peace with men and God brings peace to the soul. Have a beautiful and glorious day.

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Prayer: Lord Jesus, help my not to repay evil with evil in Jesus name. 

I remain your humble Servant Pastor David A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

Pastor David A. Taiwo
Pastor David A. Taiwo

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