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05th June, 2020

Topic: That’s Enough

BIBLE READING: – 1 kings 18: 41-46

From our text, a little cloud… like a man’s finger was enough for Elijah to believe that God is at work. In other words, with a little sign, Elijah heard the sound of abundance. What are you passing through now? Look well, listen properly.

Behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. In that situation lies the sound of abundance. Don’t give up that little hope you have on your spouse or ward or anything.

That little sign is enough. God is at work. Be rest assured that God is about to do something concerning you. The Lord is good. Believe that the Lord is an all sufficient God.

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Saul meant well to have armed David for the fight against Goliath {1 Samuel 17:38-48}. David could not even walk with the armour needless to talk about fighting with it. It was too big to carry. His sling and five stones were enough.

Truly speaking, was it only the sling and a stone that dealt with the enemy? EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING, YOU HAVE THE WORD OF GOD. That’s enough to see you through. See through the Lord’s eyes and behold the abundance of rain. Hold on tight to the word and see your Goliath go face down before you. You shall prevail. Peace is your portion. Get ready for the great harvest.

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Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to depend on your word as my weapon.

Pastor David A. Taiwo
Pastor David A. Taiwo


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