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01st May, 2020

TOPIC: Divine connection

BIBLE READING: – Luke 1:26-35

Without electricity a transistor radio uses batteries to be activated. All things being equal, it receives signal according to the wave length the radio is tuned. Like a transistor Radio, you can receive signals from heaven if you tune right; if you are of God; if you have faith and have a relationship with God.

Mary was a mere ordinary girl like you and I, yet the angel said unto her, “hail, thou art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee…” Friend if the Lord is with you, you have Divine connection.

There is no connection that is better than the Lord’s. There is no leg that is longer than the Lord’s who has heaven as His dwelling place and earth His foot stool. The devil cannot cheat you out of your inheritance. You have connection I mean “Divine connection”.

Reading through Daniel 5:10-13, it was established in verse 12 that Daniel was sought after because he has an excellent spirit, and knowledge and understanding. What God gave to him endeared him to the king. The Lord made a way for him in the palace

An undiscerning heart will say that Daniel has ‘long legs’ such people do not understand that Daniel is well connected in God. As believer in Christ Jesus, you too are well connected. As you begin the month of May, I encourage you to serve God and stand with God at all times and the Lord shall announce you for greatness.

Prayer: Oh God, as I journey though out the month of May, give me a Divine connection.

Pastor David A. Taiwo

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