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Daily Communion With God



10th June, 2020

Topic: Living Together In Unity

BIBLE READING: – psalm 133:1-3

This psalm shows us the importance of living in unity and harmony between the children of God, who are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. If this kind of relationship exists amongst believers, they will enjoy God’s blessings.

God is happy with His people when they live in harmony; he says such relationship is like precious oil and like dew. When plants lack rain, dew drops upon them at night and it help the crops or plants to survive.

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If there is harmony among the children of God, joy will be visible. Brethren, let us take words of this psalm with seriousness  and put them into practice in our lives as we live together so that the way we live can preach peace to the world.

I ask you this question, in your place of work, your office, where you are living, even in your community, school and your Church “DO YOU LIVE IN HARMONY WITH OTHER BELIEVERS AND NON BELIEVERS”?

Prayer: Oh God help me to live in harmony with other believers in Jesus name.

I remain your humble Servant Pastor David A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

Pastor David A. Taiwo


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