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11th June, 2020

Topic: Rehoboth

BIBLE READING: – Genesis 26:17-25

Too many times, we give up too easily thinking we are exhibiting Christian virtues. God told Isaac to stay in the land rather than go to Egypt and there the Lord blessed him as He said. There is always more beyond where you are right now.

That was why Isaac opened up the wells that had once been dug in the days of his father. There was striving, since light and darkness cannot dwell together, but Isaac kept digging until he got to Rehoboth. For you child of God, there is a Rehoboth in God’s mind for you. A place where you will have more than enough. So stay in your place and keep digging.

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It may not be comfortable as in well digging, but keep at it and you will surely get there, and once you strike water, all you can get by digging further is more water. Keep digging, you will surely get to your Rehoboth.

Between the time that God first appeared to Abram and the time that Isaac was born, there was a period of twenty five years. He obtained his promise by patiently waiting for it. If you have to wait for God, please do, for god cannot fail.

When you wait for Him He will not disappoint you. Those who wait always obtain the mind of God. Keep on waiting for Him and He will surely ensure that you get to your Rehoboth.

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Prayer: Lord, the grace to wait for my prepared Rehoboth give to me in Jesus name

I remain your humble Servant Pastor David A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

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