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Daily Communion With God



Pastor D. A Taiwo

01st August, 2020

Topic: Lay Aside Your Garment

Bible Reading: – John 13:1-9

It is easy for everyone who engaged in Christian service to desire to be like Jesus in the glamorous aspect of the ministry. They would seek to be known for healing ministry, eloquence and erudite teaching, prophecy that might be soothsaying after all.

Some copy the mannerism of their mentors in speech and sometimes in dress code. Many organizations face stiff battle in struggline for the “chair of Moses.” This has been the cause of the rather frequent splits in churches and ministries. Upcoming youths are frustrated out of service by their bosses and Bishops who feel their positions are threatened. Everybody desires to keep their garments and paraphernalia of office.

But Jesus shows us that we all must be ready to lay aside our garments gracefully to minster effectively to their needs. He washed the feet of His followers, He makes a pertinent comment in veers 13 and 14 that we also ought to wash the feet of others and that includes those aspiring to check us out of office.

How nice it would be for a Bishop to feed his driver or chaplain on his sick bed in the hospital.

Thought: He laid aside His majesty and gave up everything for you and I. “Go and do likewise”

I remain your humble Servant Pastor D. A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

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