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Pastor D. A Taiwo

03rd August, 2020

Topic: Pride

Bible Reading: – Daniel 4:29-37

Those who are called to lead get a lot of attention. They are well known and popular. They sometimes command a lot of respect. Many tomes, they are treated preferentially. Anytime the President of America comes into a room, those who are seated immediately rise as he is being announced. “Ladies and Gentleman, the Commander-in-chief and President…”

All of this Lucifar enjoyed. He was the leader of the angels; the Bible describes him as the morning star; till one day he sought to exalt himself to the position of God. The rest as they say is history, he was cast out of heaven with those that had rebelled with him and is condemned to an eternity in hell. All of this was birthed from the seed of pride.

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This should serve as an example the even in God’s work all glory must go to Him and Him alone and we should not seek to exalt ourselves. Everybody in a position of authority has been put there by God, who has power to remove any one regardless of his or her position. Remember God is no respecter of person.


I remain your humble Servant Pastor D. A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

Pastor David A. Taiwo
Pastor David A. Taiwo


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