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03rd May, 2020

Topic: Watch that tongue!

Bible Reading: – James3:1-12

Some tongues are sharp, some are caustic, some are smooth, some are abrasive but yours should be a source of blessing. The tongue must be put to use but the use to which you put is the issue. It can be used to destroy and it can also be used to build.

From our text this morning we can see that to be able to control the tongue is taken as maturity. If you will deliberately choose your response to issues, you are likely to be slower in responding but you are also likely to respond maturely most of the time.

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Since we praise God with our mouth, then the same must not be employed to aid the devil in his own ministry of destruction. There is always something good that can be said about every situation or person. Deliberately choose to use your tongue for good and not for evil. When you watch that tongue of yours and control your utterances, you will attract blessing to your life! Watch your tongue.

The tongue that is put to good use will be a source of blessing. It will encourage others, it will strengthen the weak, it will utter the words of faith, and it will be a spring of life. My dear Christian watches your tongue and put it to good use.

READ MORE  Daily Communion With God || Pastor David A. Taiwo

Like so much of what God created, it is a natural invention. According to how it is used, the tongue is either a blessing or curse upon families, communities, and nations. “A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over” As you go out this morning remember this “you cannot be Christian and speak like devil.

Prayer: By your grace O God, help and enable me to overcome the sin of the tongue, and use my tongue always to the glory of god in Jesus name.

Pastor David A. Taiwo
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