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Pastor D. A Taiwo

10th August, 2020

Topic: Different Vows, One Effect

Bible Reading: – Deuteronomy 23:21-25

We have seen four reasons people make vows: To win a desired favour, express gratitude, demonstrate devotion, and dedication of oneself.  Frequently, however, vows were taken as a type of bargain with God.

At Bethel, Jacob promised God worship and the tithe if He would protect him and supply his needs {Gen. 28:20-22}. Hannah pledged that if God would give her a son, she would return him to God. In the Psalms, payment of vows is often associated with thanksgiving for deliverance from danger or trouble {Ps.22:24-25; 56:12-13}. Most important is that once a vow is made, the obligation is serious. Once declared, however, the vow must be kept {Deut. 23:21-23, Numbers 30:2}.

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The term ‘vows’ occurs twice in the New Testament, both times in association with Apostle Paul {Acts 18:18, 21:23-24}. Jesus severely rebuked those who made a vow as a clever escape from meeting obligations to care for aged parents. The scriptures didn’t tell us to “give” our vows rather it encouraged us to “pay” our vows-it is not optional, it is mandatory. However it should never be used as a means of escaping responsibility.

Dear reader let this register in you, Proverbs 4:24 “Put away from you a deceitful mouth; and put perverse lips far from you”.


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I remain your humble Servant Pastor D. A. Taiwo {ECWA GOSPEL CHURCH GRA BIDA}

Pastor David A. Taiwo
Pastor David A. Taiwo

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