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04th May, 2020

Topic: Are you growing?

Bible Reading: – john 15:1-15

Whoever stops growing is ready for death. Agreed we have positive and Negative growth. Therefore, the question we need to answer this morning is, are you growing in the knowledge of God?

From our text we see that Jesus is the true vine; and every branch that bears fruit, He purges it, that it may bring more fruits. It is of interest to our Lord Jesus Christ to see us grow and bears fruits.

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Then He purges us to enable us bear much fruits. For our growth, Jesus wants us to abide in Him to enable His word abide in us. When the word of God abides in you, growth is imminent. Positive growth, {growth that bears fruit even much fruit}.  Are you ready for growth? Then abide in the Lord. There is no other way.

It is the word that build your faith, and “without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord” Hebrews 116a. The word of God is a focal point in our lives. Grasp it, you will experience life in abundance; you ignite the spirit in you, the Christ in you, the hope of glory. You shall grow. Your growth shall not be stunted but growth in the Spirit that rose up Jesus from the dead which shall also quicken your mortal bodies. Your growth is imminent. Keep on with the word.

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Prayer: Heavenly Father! Plant your word in me, so that I become prosper in all am going to do this week.

Pastor David A. Taiwo

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