“I Don’t Have Any Deal With Olamide ” – Lyta Denies YBNL In New Interview

Olamide good relationship with his supposed YBNL artiste, Lyta is not having a happy ending as Lyta, has now come out to debunk assumptions of fans that he’s a YBNL artiste.
1960vibes,com.ng  reported that Lyta has left the label and his music boss, Olamide page has unfollowed him after his decision to exit YBNL.
Speaking in a new viral interview with NL, Lyta shed lights on the circumstances that surrounds his controversial exit.
I don’t have any deal with YBNL and Olamide. Olamide saw me on the street and helped me. I don’t have any written contract with him and I don’t know about other artistes. YBNL and Olamide will always be part if my story. God bless Olamide, Thanbk you for everything.
He further revealed that although he wasn’t signed to the label, he was getting benefits as they usually pay him for shows. Stated figures such as 50, 60 and 80 thousand naira as the fees he gets.
Sometimes they pay me 50k, 60k, 80, but when I dropped my songs “Time” and “Selfmade”, I didn’t get anything.
Speaking about how he left YBNL, Lyta said;
Yes, so many people have been calling me about signing me, but I didn’t think it’s necessary for me to go until my dad called me … that there’s this guy disturbing him that he wanted to sponsor my music. He now said, can I give Olamide his number so he can talk to Olamide. I now say Okay and messaged Olamide that my dad wants to talk to him. I didn’t tell him that someone wants to sign me. He said I should go and find out. So I told my dad and my dad said okay, tell him that someone wants to sponsor your music maybe he will accept. When I sent him the message, Olamide just said: “if that’s best, I wish you good luck”. I was like whao! I don’t know what to reply, Wish you good luck liken how. I just said thank you sir
Speaking further about his life in YBNL before decided to move on with another label Lyta revealed that for months he hasn’t released a song even though he has recorded a number of songs with YBNL.
For the past few months now I am not doing anything. No music for my fans… everybody has been commenting, you’re not doing anything, you’re only changing hairstyle up and down, I’m depressed, I’m tired.
He went on to talk about how he wishes things had done differently with Olamide and YBNL but despite the outcome, he stated he needs to move on and release more songs for his fans because he’s not yet a legend who drops one and wait for a long while to drop the next and sill be relevant.

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