[Music] Lil Owen – The Return Of The Beast

Lil Owen – The Return Of The Beast

Here comes Lil Owen again.For a while now,the rapper who has been giving us hits back to back such as tomiton yomeh, Amina’z rival, Wanted… and so on, disappeared and these have been the questions from his fans

where has lil owen been?,what has happened to him?why is he not dropping songs no more?” A lot of rumors. Some said he has nothing more to deliver,so said his career is over. But few days back.

According to a fan,we were told the rapper updated a post on the social media which was deleted just within few hours saying “I heard you gossiping am no more,well I guess y’all jobless you funny men, take a look at a dreaded nigga coming around to pick your h*es like a stunna man .

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#T.R.O.T.B” and no one knows what TROTB means until he shares this link. With this title,we all think Lil Owen has come back with full force. Is this a diss song?and if yes who could he be referring to?.

Lets enjoy the contents in this hot song.


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