PICK ONE! Between Whizsplash’s All I Want, Badwiz’s U Carry and Abuski’s Groove Mansion, Which Is Your Favourite EP Intro?


Three beautifully sung, well-written EP intros. All had a message in them, but which is your favourite?

Intros are usually regarded as the most important part of an EP or album.

Why? Intros set the pace and mood of the EP or album, revealing the theme in the process and as they say, first impression matters a lot.

They might not evolve into hit songs but they also possess enough quality. They are ones that provide the spark for you to listen to the rest of the EP or album.

Which is your favourite?

1. Whizplash – All I Want

2. Badwiz – U Carry

3. Abuski – Groove Mansion

No lies, these are amazing EP intros,

To you,

Which Is Your Favourite?

Whizplash – All I Want? Badwiz – U Carry? Or Abuski – Groove Mansion?

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