Police Confirm Death Of 4 Ghanaians Girls Kidnapped By Nigerians

The Ghana police have confirmed the death of four girls allegedly kidnapped by some Nigerians at Takoradi, Western Region of the country in 2018. This followed the release of the DNA report conducted on some body parts, discovered inside a septic tank at the home of the main suspect, Samuel Udotek Wills in August this year.

The victims, Ruth Abakah, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and Priscilla Koranchie went missing at various times between August and December in 2018. The Acting Inspector General of Police, James Oppong Boanuh, in a statement on Monday night confirmed the death of the missing girls.
“The officers of the Ghana Police Service informed the four families in Takoradi in the Western Region that the DNA test conducted on samples discovered in the course of police investigation into the disappearance of four missing girls have turned positive as the remains of the girls,” he said in the statement. The Chief of Police further said, the families of the four missing girls have been duly informed of the news. Boanuh affirmed that the girls were victims of a kidnapping and murdering syndicate that operated in Takoradi in the past. The Chief of Police, who regretted the inability of security officers to rescue the missing girls, assured that the syndicate has been effectively dismantled.
“While for various reasons we were unsuccessful in obtaining and acting on accurate actionable intelligence in good time to enable us rescue the girls, we believe the arrest of the culprits has effectively thwarted the ability of this syndicate to continue with further kidnappings and murders,” the statement concluded. Three Nigerians have been linked to the kidnappings. They are Samuel Udotek Wills, John Orji and Chika Nnouedem.

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