SAD!! My Uncle’s Wife Poured Acid On Me And Took Away My Looks- Young Lady Shares Her Story

Nigerian lady who is a victim of acid attack has narrated her experience with her Uncle’s wife.
According to the victim, her Uncle’s wife poured acid on her to take away her beautiful looks but she has been able rise above the situation by choosing happiness and living freely.
See what she said below:-
Don’t be a silent victim ..learn to share your story, you might find out you are not the only 1 as you thought.
Mostly you might learn how to walk freely in that situation … yes I was poured acid by my uncles wife.
Yes she took away my facial looks,
But she didn’t stop me from been me!
But above all I refused to give up,
I refused to hide me myself from people,
I choose happiness,
I kept on being that little sweet girl I was then and now!
If you are living with a scars and you are so scared of facing people.. let this face right here help you make decisions…..
Say no to acid attack

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