Sunday Message: Consecration! Major secret to success By Pastor D.A. Taiwo || (Watch)

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Message @ ECWA Gospel Church GRA Bida. 05 /04/ 2020
Text: – Joshua 3:1-5; 2 Cor. 6:17
TOPIC: Consecration! Major secret to success

v  One major price that everyone who want to be successful in life to pay is the price of consecration.
v  There is a consecration that goes with every destiny.
v  If you pay your prices of consecration you will get to your destination strong. 

Ø  NOTE: Consecration is from the Hebrew word Nazir.

ü  It means to dedicate or separate something apart for a sacred use (Leviticus 22:2, 27:28-29; Exodus 13:2, 12, 15, Nm 3:12).

ü  It means to purify yourself

ü  To washed your clothes and bodies

ü  To abstained from anything that would contaminate you.

ü  To set apart.  
{Note this}:-
v  There are things you cannot touch

v  There are people you cannot afford to mix up with.

v  You cannot live your life the way you want and still expect the presence and the person of God to be with you.


Take a look of Adam and Joseph
·         To Adam the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the mark of his consecration, Genesis 2:16-17
·         For as long he did not touch it, things worked well for him and with him
·         And in the day that he ate of the tree, he lost his spiritual strength and the presence of God.
·         Adam and Eve broke the consecration of God over their lives and they lost their destiny
§  The major secret of Joseph success is the matter of separation.
Blessings of Consecration
Ø  It draws the presence of God closer
Ø  It brings God’s further details {Joshua 3:6}
Ø  Consecration makes one to look unto God/having total dependant on God

Ø  Consecration leads to exaltation/Lifting up {Joshua 3:7}

Ø  Consecration remove barrier of life

One of the major reasons why people do not like to walk in consecration even though they want to be successful is the price that is attached to consecration.

As I conclude,
v  Find the specific consecrations that are attached to your destiny.
v  Do your best to pay the price of your consecration
v  When the blessings of that consecration will begin to come, you will hardly remember that you went through any pain.
v  The degree of your success depend on the level of your consecration
v  You want to succeed in life?
·         Set yourself apart for God
·         Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior
·         Walk with Him and in Him.
Prayer points
v  Lord in a time like this let me hear you speaking to me
v  Lord consecrated me Lord to your service
v  Lord let my soul look unto you Oh Lord in a time like this



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