The Making Of Alex “Star Boy” Special Moments

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I had waited for 8 years. When I learnt the beautiful baby was
not like other babies my heart broke to tiny pieces. The doctors
called it cerebral palsy. The bills were incredible. Some said
may never talk, walk or learn like others. I prepared my mind
for the worst

But God had greater plans. He turned my baby into a ‘Star
Boy’ against all odds. My miracle took his first staggering
steps…said his first words and soon could read..

I present to you. My precious son Alex aka Starboy, a child
who has shown me unconditional and beautiful love. We have
worked together and grown together in this journey. He has
fought against all odds to grow his passion which is music.
I’ve watched him move crowds to tears and give hope to other
parents like me.
I love you Alex
My precious son
The ‘Star Boy’ of the entire world

Alex Starboy on Instagram: I was so happy today having my mentor
around after my interview, this was a big surprise, i love you uncle
@joeelkins Thank you for coming.

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