Top 5 Types Of People/Friends You Must Avoid In life (Both Online & Offline)

Don’t let anyone emotionally blackmail you. Some humans are good at that. Those online are called “Monitoring Spirit”. The ones offline are called “Familiar Spirit”.

Top 5 Types Of People You Must Avoid In life? Avoid the following people:

1. Since You made money, you abandoned me – (they are bitter at your success.)

2. You have forgotten how I helped you when you had nothing – (these people never mention how you also helped them too)

3. I know how poor you used to be… (these people hate how rich you are becoming)

4. I still remember how you had 3-some in my room (these people are angry that you became a changed person)

5. Beware of people who remind you of your past in order to influence your judgment..They are emotional blackmailers.

Avoid the 5 set of people above, if you must live long.

Be emotionally tough lest you be easily broken by “familiar spirits.”

Have You Come Across Any Of The Above?

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