14 Types Of People To Block, Unfriend And Unfollow On Social Media Right Now (See List)

With social media, you interact, communicate with people whether or not you know them in person, from different countries and tribes, friends and family, share ideas, interests and alot more.

For instance on Facebook, you can post, share, react and comment on someone else’s posts. On Instagram, you post and react. On Twitter, you tweet and retweet. These are what social media is MAINLY for.

Why would block, unfriend and unfollow someone on social media? As seen on Naijaloaded’s comment section few hours ago, below are the reasons why you should delete some people off your friends list.

1. Delete dead people. Why are you still keeping them as friends on Facebook? You can save the pictures of some people who assisted you in life though, just to honour them.


2. Delete people without profile display pictures (Faceless people). Such people must be hiding some dark secrets. Facebook is for human beings and not for ghosts.

3. Delete people who cannot write their names properly. Hardaywhale is not Adewale. Phumilayor not Funmilayo
Miss Favour to Mhiz Fey4, changed David to Dayveed. Such people are just unserious ones. Just check among your Facebook friends now and do the needful.

4. Delete people who are strangely quiet and not really using their Facebook account for whatever reason but can give you details of what you are posting, they are full time monitoring “spirits” on social media. Many of them are spies and frustrated souls.

5. Check your family members on the list, delete and block all your family members and blood relations who don’t comment on your updates and photos, they don’t see anything good in what you are doing, but are too quick to comment on other people’s (your haters) updates and photos to sing their praise.
They are your friendly enemies, you can still remain family outside Facebook.
At least, before Facebook, you’re all family members!

6. If you’re a married person and you know your in-laws are monitoring agents, you can also delete/block them. You still have their phone numbers right? Call them on phone for any discussion, but keep them away from your social media activities.

7. Delete those people from your village, town or community who are not interacting with you but remain on your friends’ lists, they are your closet haters, cheap blackmailers, and dream killers.

8. Remove all old friends/former schoolmates whose friendships are no longer active in real life and on Facebook. As well as those who never like, react or comment on your posts/photos. They always claim to be ‘too busy’ but they are always active on Facebook. Bloody hypocrites!

9. Delete all those arrogant friends who feel too big for you, even when you drop a comment on their updates/photos, they reply everybody and jump your own comment as if they are blind, they treat you as NOBODY. My dear brothers/sisters, they are not feeding you and family members, delete them today!

10. Delete those friends who always post with strange local languages you don’t understand and no translation from them. Remove anyone disturbing you via inbox to send ‘demonic’ prayers and gory videos to 100 people, they are as useless as a dead dog on your friends’ list.

11. Get rid of unprofitable friends who cannot even advise you when you’re passing through ‘up and down’ of life not to even talk of praying for you or help you to grow in life. Enjoy your sweet life because this life is just too short to roll with nasty people.

12. Delete Facebook friends who always appear from the moon to support ‘enemies/haters’ against you because of your updates that are speaking against their evil acts or just pure envy.
Let them go please.

13. Delete and block anybody using his/her Facebook page to advertise seized cars by Nigeria Customs. Don’t forget to delete anybody wearing military or para-military uniforms in profile photos to market seized cars. I can tell you for free 9 out of 10 of these persons are shameless fraudsters and bastard scammers.

Quote me anywhere! No apology for my choice of harsh words. If you’re not happy, delete and block me now. I say goodbye to you! Go and let good people have space to come in.

14. Delete and block anybody spreading hatred, fake news, and bitterness on social media. That’s the best option.

I am embarking on this deleting mission right now. Don’t ask for details. You can also delete and block me on Facebook. It is a free world. If you fall into any of these, bye from me. Till we meet again.

14 Types Of People To Block, Unfriend And Unfollow On Social Media – DO YOU AGREE?

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