Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Don’t Kiss In Movies [See]

Nollywood Actresses

These three actresses contained in our writeup have resolved not to kiss in movies no matter how juicy the money they will be given. They drew the line and defined the scope of their morality.

Let’s shed the light on them briefly.

 Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

Chioma Chukwuka is a Nigerian actress and movie producer. In 2007 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for “Best Actress in a leading role”, and the Afro Hollywood award for best actress in a lead role in 2010. Chioma has starred in several romantic movies but has never been found kissing anyone in movies before.

Judy Austin

Judy Austin was born Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith. She’s also a movie producer with two movies to her credit: ‘Native Girl’ and ‘Fear.

She once told Potpourri in an interview about things she can’t do as an actress: “I’m not going naked for any amount, and I hardly kiss in a movie. I will not do a kind of kissing where the guy would be fondling my breasts. I must not go nude to be a star. I shouldn’t do what my kids or family will see and be ashamed of. My limit is, I don’t do nude and I don’t do over romantic films. She also revealed she has never taken on any kissing role before because she just doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

Ruth Kadiri

Ruth once told Silverbird Television in an interview that kissing is against her beliefs and wouldn’t compromise on that. “As a scriptwriter, I can identify a good or bad script, and once a script is bad, I  try not to be a part of it,” she added. The actress went further to state that aside from the script being good or bad, the script should also not be contrary to her beliefs.

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