MUSIC LOVERS!! Which Of These Albums Or EP Would You Listen To For The Rest Of The Year?

Download And Enjoy Below!!!

If you’re asked to pick one for the rest of this year, which would it be?

All these albums And EP were being dropped in the month of August.

The pandemic coronavirus has really caused the delay in the music industry as those artistes were forced to drop their projects in the same period.

Regardless, which album Or EP are you feeling the most?

Don’t forget that Biggest’s album “Based on Experience (BOE)” is on this list as well.

Note: The lists are being sorted on the release date 👇

[FULL EP] Badwiz – Untold Stories

[FULL EP] Badwiz - Untold Stories

Badwiz – Untold Stories is a collection of 6 songs.

In addition, the “Untold Stories” EP featured AJ Vee.

With production assistance from Mdazzlebeat and Many others.

DOWNLOAD: Badwiz – Untold Stories

[FULL ALBUM] Biggest – Based on Experience (BOE)


Biggest – Based on Experience (BOE) Is Housed With 14 tracks

Moreover, the “Experience (BOE)” album has guest appearances from Sukzy Dab, Conelly, SharpBoy x Bidemcee, Ojcent, KhingSolex, Modiva, Ab Zeez, Bakoteli and David Swizz.

With production assistance from Badman And Many Others.

DOWNLOAD: Biggest – Based on Experience (BOE

[Full EP] Sukzy Dab – Sketch


Sukzy Dab – Sketch is a collection of 14 Tracks.

Meanwhile, Sukzy Dab’s EP ‘Sketch‘ has guest appearances from the like of 7CEE, JAHDEIL, AWON CHILLZ, ESAH, DAHOLES, GRAY, MODEEVA & BOC.

With production assistance from Mbeat And Many Others

DOWNLOAD: Sukzy Dab – Sketch

Music Listeners, Which Of These Albums Or Would You Rather Listen To For The Rest Of This Year?

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