VIDEO: Popular Actress Breaks The Internet As She Removes Her Underwear Live On TV

Popular Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel certainly loves attention and in a new video that’s trending, the actress is seen taking off her pants in a live interview with Kofi Nwanwani on his Kofi TV show. In an interview with the host, she was explaining how some of the sex scenes in the movie are shot and directed, making reference to an upcoming movie, in which she would take off her pant.
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The host, Kofi who was curious to know if she would be able to pull same act, then asked her to take off her pants. Without been shy, the actress is seen taking off her white se*xxy pant live on TV. The host couldn’t stop laughing as he didn’t expect her to do that. Xandy Kamel seems to love to do anything for attention as the other time, she made some hilarious video warning her future husband to come marry her before, her ‘distin’ widens up. Xandy and Kofi seem to have that sort of relationship, as some months ago, she forced him to f*ndle with her breasts on TV as well.
Watch the video of her taking off her pant on TV below:
When it comes to relationships and finding the right one, individuals tend to have different requirements that often various. While some people are big on physical attributes, others however are more interested in the ‘bedroom capabilities’ of their partners. Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel is certainly one lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. In a recent interview, the actress made it known in really clear terms that she’ll definitely go for an ugly man as long as he’s good in bed. According to her, most nice looking men cannot make women reach orgasm, stating she will easily fall for anyone who is ugly but has proven to be man enough at night.

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