Zlatan Ibile acting abnormal after excessive drinking at a night club; He was screaming Tacha’s name (Video)

Zlatan Ibile lost his perception and was not showing a proper sense of responsibility in a new video that we obtained on social media.
It can be perceived from the video that the singer and his friends had spent the moments before the video in a club where they got wasted.
In the video, Zlatan Ibile can be seen has shooting his shots at Tacha Akide otherwise known as Tacha, while his friends who recorded the video in the background were echoing a song he recorded in 2019 to troll the reality TV star and her alleged body odor.
“Come to Daddy”, Drunk Zlatan manages to utter something after few moments heavy breathing to accumulate the energy for his speech. One can totally conclude that he took too much of alcohol and maybe other substances and he was struggling to remain active.
Watch the video below:

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