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18th May, 2020

Topic: The priorities

Bible Reading: - Matthew 6:25-34

There is a right order or sequence to things in life. Some things are more important than others. There are things to do before others, and there are things to do later. From our text Jesus talked of the right order in life. We are to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and other things are to be added to us. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case with some Christians. They want to seek other things first before seeking things that concern the kingdom of God.

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We must always realise that the kingdom of God is relevant in getting other things added. Without the righteousness of the kingdom of God, we would not be entitled to those good and perfect things that come from God alone.

From the account of Adam and Eve in {Genesis 3:11-15} they had sinned in the Garden of Eden and were about to receive the reward of their disobedience. However, God handled the issue in the order.

God knew that the devil was the cause of the problem, and handed out the due curse first to him.  As Children of God, whenever we are faced with a problem, we should first deal with the source of the problem before dealing with the effect.

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Prayer: Lord Jesus, whatever I found myself doing today, help me to put your kingdom first in Jesus name.

Pastor David A. Taiwo

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